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Saint Joseph, MO

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Saint Joseph, MO | Kansas City, MO


Both Michael (my husband) and I got into photography at a young age. I started taking classes in high school using a small point and shoot camera. Over the years my style has changed a bit but my love for photography has only grown stronger. Michael began taking photos at a young age with his mom and he inherited many of her techniques and skills. Before Michael and I started dating, I was working on a project for a photography class and had not invested in a tripod yet (we were still in high school and I was just getting started). I posted on social media looking for one to borrow. Michael had one and was the first to offer to let me borrow it. Little did I know that Michael had a major crush on me! As the years went on, we dated and we were married on August 13th, 2016. Through the years of our relationship, photography has always been a primary focus. Photoshoots occur on a pretty regular basis and we can't ever go on a date without taking a selfie! We cherish the pictures we have and want you to enjoy the same satisfaction through stunning imagery. Michael is now my second shooter and business partner and we love working together.