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Las Vegas, NV

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Las Vegas, NV | Henderson, NV | San Francisco, CA


Hi, I'm Marina! I was born & raised in Arizona/California, but now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s not my final place, but it’s my home right now. I have always LOVED nature, traveling (open for destination weddings) & being outdoors, so if you’re up for an adventure I’m all in!! I’m dating a wonderful guy who knows me better than I know myself sometimes (yes, I know that’s cheesy but I like it) & not afraid to tell me anything. He stole my cat, Demitri, from me so we had to adopt 2 new kittens, Luna & Momo, so I could get some kitty cuddles too! I think they know I’m a photographer because they sit so well for photoshoots! My favorite color is forest green & I can’t get enough of crime/drama shows. I am a HUGE softy for a love story & I would love to hear yours! I always tear up during wedding vows because I can feel the love, & that’s what I want for you & your photographs!! My passion for photography started when I was young & it just kept growing. This isn’t just a job for me, it’s really my life. When you book me, you aren’t just getting another pretty picture, you’re getting ALL of me 100%. There is nothing else I’d rather do in life, than capture memories.