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Hillsboro, OR

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Hillsboro, OR | Seattle, WA


Hey hey!! My name's Elena and I'm a destination couples + micro-wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon! I'm all about serving carefree + adventurous couples who just want to be themselves and forget there’s a camera pointing at them. I’m a huge fan of doggos, DIRECTING over posing, and thinking of my shoots as third wheeling a fun, laidback adventure/date night with friends who just happen to be in love + show up wearing cute clothes. ;) YOUR story and who YOU are is my focus when I show up to shoot with you whether it’s an engagement sesh or wedding or elopement. Oh and I freaking love traveling + hanging out in cool places, while making some hella cute memories in the process! Let's get in touch + talk about your vision for your shoot! I'm so stoked to meet you! xo, Elena