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Denver, CO | Belfast, ME | Amherst, MA


Amanda Piela (Pee-ell-uh) | Pronouns: she/her: is a photojournalist born and raised in the "mountains" of Western Massachusetts. She can't remember a time when she wasn't off in the woods daydreaming about shadows and light, covered in scrapes and bruises while climbing trees, collecting rocks, and wandering a little too far from home. After her photojournalism education, Amanda drifted to Denver, Colorado where not much has changed. She still spends the majority of her days outside exploring the Rockies, biking way too much, being goofy and training her wee pup, Ralphie (@RockyMountainRalphie — he’ll be insta-famous soon, just you wait.) Amanda lives small -- in 515 feet to be exact -- with said wee pup and her partner, Max, where organizing and downsizing is a daily routine for the three of them. Amanda is obsessed with spatial efficiency, large plants, pizza, small dogs, clean design, south-facing windows, Ralphie’s pumpkin pie shaped dog toy and real pastries. On a shoot with Amanda you can expect to move around a lot -- maybe even run if you’re up for it -- and most likely get a little dirty. Expect to have fun, smile a lot, laugh a lot, and perhaps pop a bottle o’ bubbly?!